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About Local Rising


To meet the needs in our community by providing tangible help through local partnerships.


To strengthen our community by combining local resources for the greater good of our state.


What Do We Do?

Local Rising Projects

Short-Term Project

COVID-19 Relief

At Local Rising we love meeting immediate needs! Click here to see how our partnerships are bringing hope in the midst of a pandemic.

Long-Term Housing Project

Long-Term Housing Project

Together, with local community partners, we are excited to be starting the process of providing housing to homeless mothers and their children. 

Ongoing Project

Thrift It

We are always seeking donated goods. Your unwanted items mean the world to those who have nothing.


COVID-19 Relief

We love meeting immediate needs and are genuinely concerned about the effects that COVID-19 has had on the most vulnerable in our community. Thanks to the generosity and initiative of these amazing partners, together we have been able to provide food, school supplies, formula and diapers to local neighborhoods and organizations to help families in need during this time of crisis.

PaapFamily LLC

Tuft & Needle
Rebel Street

and More!
Ongoing Project

Donated Goods 

Purging?  We are able to turn your donated goods into cash and also replenish our onhand stock to distribute to families in need! Please contact us at hello@localrising.org to arrange pick up.


Long-Term Housing Project

Together, with local community partners, we are excited to be starting the process of providing housing to homeless mothers and their children.

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Thanks to the proven programming from our awesome community, we are able to collaborate together to provide an ingenuitive approach to house multiple homeless women and their children. The residents will learn how to become self-sufficient by learning life skills, gaining education, employment and setting healthy boundaries in their lives. Every life is precious and we are thrilled to be part of such a successful and tangible approach to break the cycle of poverty and prevent children from going into foster care.

Need Help?

If you are seeking help please contact us to see how best we can assist you!

I Need Help
How Can I Help?

There are so many ways you can help the community and Local Rising.

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Our Amazing Partners

Thank you to those helping us make a difference! 

For Arizona  In Arizona  With Arizona

Paap Family LLC

Hope Women’s Center

Paramount Rooster Roof

Tuf & Needle

Rebel Street

Creative Hands Designs

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Latest News

This blog is a great place to learn about what is currently happening with Local Rising. Here we will post about upcoming projects, ways to use our resources and how to help out if you
are able. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Got Milk?

We are so blessed to partner with local nonprofits that are willing to provide food for the wee ones in our community. Formula is expensive and even one can brings[…]

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Welcome to Local Rising

Hello! We are so excited that you found our new website. We are eager to dive into our community and get started. Here is some additional text for the first blog post. This is a great way to make quick updates to the site to keep your target users informed and engaged.

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